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BSPH Foundation introduces the "Partnership Fund"

Q What is the Partnership Fund? A The Partnership Fund encourages individuals, churches and other organizations to “partner” with the Casa by providing financial support of its ongoing ministry.

Q How will the Partnership Fund work? A It is a designated fund, meaning donor must specify they want their gift directed to it. One hundred percent (100%) of each gift to the Partnership Fund will be made available to Casa for its ongoing operations.

Q How is the Partnership Fund different from unrestricted gifts? A By Foundation policy unrestricted gifts are divided 50% to be invested in the general endowment and 50% on a current basis for the work of Casa. Unrestricted gifts will always be needed and welcomed as they support the Casa’s work now while also building the endowment for the future.

Q What are you hoping to accomplish with the Partnership Fund? A Quite simply, we want to broaden the base of support for the Casa. We believe that people will be more inclined to give when they know how their gifts are being used.

Q How will my gift to the Partnership Fund make a difference? A When combined with the gifts of others, your gift will make a significant impact on the Casa.

  • $20 can provide ten children in Honduras with a coloring book, with a picture and related Bible verse

  • $50 can make it possible for a church in Ecuador to receive a box of Bibles

  • $100 provides a church in Nicaragua with a box of large print Bibles

The Foundation will recognize as “Partners” donors to the Partnership Fund and to all other funds at the following levels:

  • Founder’s Level $10,000 per year and up

  • Director’s Level $5,000 to $9,999

  • Patron’s Level $2,500 to $4,999

  • Benefactor’s Level $1,000 to $2,499

  • Sponsor’s Level $500 to $499

  • Sustainer’s Level $250 to $499

  • Subscriber’s Level $100 to $249

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