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Foundation Creates the Ted and Mary Stanton Endowment

With great excitement, we announce the establishment of the Ted and Mary Stanton Endowment. Friends, family and missionary associates of the Stantons have pledged or given more than $20,000 to create this endowment. The Stantons have a long relationship with the Publishing House and Foundation. The Stantons served on the mission field in Argentina and Venezuela, and Ted was on the board of the Publishing House. In 1998 Ted was named General Director of the Casa, and Mary served as an editor for children’s materials and assisted with a number of projects. They served until retiring, for Ted’s health reasons, in November 2001. It was Ted’s vision in the early 1990s while he was on the Casa’s board, to create a Foundation that would supplement income from the International Mission Board. That subsidy was rapidly being reduced and was completely eliminated in 2002, which made the Casa completely self-sustaining. That vision was realized in March 2000 when the Baptist Spanish Publishing House Foundation was chartered. Ted served on the Foundation’s board of directors, including terms as president, and he has unceasingly championed the ministry of the Casa and Foundation. We are grateful to the friends, family and missionary associates of the Stantons who have given or pledged more than $20,000 to this endowment. What an appropriate amount, since the Foundation celebrates its 20th birthday this year! If you would like to contribute to the Stanton Endowment, click on this link What is an Endowment? An endowment is often called “the gift that keeps on giving.” Here’s why: Gifts to endowments are permanently invested and a portion of the endowment, typically about five percent (5%) is paid out to support the ministry of the Publishing House. The principal of the endowment remains intact, and hopefully grows over time as the investments grow. As the endowment grows, so does the amount paid out to the Publishing House. Beginning in 2018, donors began to name the fund they established in their names or in honor or memory of a loved one. Named endowments at the Foundation, such as the recently created Ted and Mary Stanton Endowment support only the ministry of the Publishing House. The individuals associated with the named endowment do not benefit in any way. New named endowments are established with a one-time gift or pledge of $10,000 which may be given over as many as five years. Here is a complete list of all the Foundation’s endowments: Dr. Charles W. Bryan Endowment Jay P. and Sherry Chance Endowment Rebecca and Jeff Chance Endowment Raquel Contreras Endowment Hoy and Marie Eudaly Endowment The Frank W. and Pauline G. Patterson Fund Permanent (General) Endowment Donors may contribute to any of the Foundation’s endowed funds. These gifts make excellent memorial or honorary donations. If you are interested in creating a new endowment, please contact Tom Stogsdill 469-500-6239 or

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