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A Testimonial from Pastor Mario Martinez

February 10, 2018 was a Saturday. Our church gathered with a plan to go door to door in our neighborhood to pray with and share the gospel our neighbors. Our visitation packets included an evangelistic tract and other material provided by Casa Bautista. Thirteen months later we saw the fruit of that labor. After a short devotional on that Saturday in February of 2018, our members went out in small groups to visit the neighborhood close to our church. The response that day was typical—some people accepted our gifts; others did not. Thirteen months later, March 2019, a lady came to our church and shared this story. “A few days ago, I experienced the urge to come closer to God. I had no idea how to do it. Then I remembered that last year a group of people came to my door, prayed with me, and gave me tracts and a beautiful calendar as a Prayer Guide. I looked for it and it had the address of a church. I felt that God was giving me that address as an answer to my need.” She came that Sunday and from then on, every Sunday. She accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior and was baptized a few months later. She always asked prayer for salvation for her children. Soon after, one of her daughters came to church and decided for Christ and was baptized. We continued praying for the family and all of them started coming to church. A few weeks later her daughter in-law also accepted Christ and was baptized. Her son has also accepted Christ, begun following Him faithfully and playing in our worship band. This is a small example of what happens when Christ followers use the excellent resources that Casa Bautista de Publicaciones produces. In our church we use them for Sunday School, hymn books, Bible study, and of course, Bibles. We praise God for the blessing that we have these resources from Casa Bautista for our ministry. Mario Martinez Pastor, El Buen Pastor Church El Paso, Texas

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