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Good-bye, Hello!

Thanks, Norma Armengol

January 2, 2020 was Norma’s last day with the Publishing House, as her retirement begins. For the last few years she has been the Foundation’s “go to” person for many tasks related to our work. She has been a faithful and effective co-worker, and we will miss her. Norma worked with the Publishing House for 45 years. She will continue to work on a limited basis to help Adriana Chavez learn her duties. God bless you, Norma, as you move into your next phase of life and in your continuing service in the Lord’s work.


Introducing: Adriana Chavez

We are pleased to welcome Adriana to the Publishing House and the Foundation. Adriana was born in El Paso and grew up in Parral, a small city north of Chihuahua, Mexico. She has a fine arts degree, with emphasis in graphic design, from New Mexico State University. She has experience in marketing, graphic design and photography. Her skills will be a great benefit to the work of the Publishing House and Foundation. She will be assisting with several aspects of the Foundation’s work. Her contact information is:, 915.566.9656, ext. 110. Welcome, Adriana!

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