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Foundation Financial Overview

2019 Foundation Financial Overview

Total Assets: $1,620,093 Total Endowment: $1,611,997 Total Gifts Received: $86,352 Funds Provided to the Casa: $93,472


Funding Priorities for the Foundation in 2020

• Increased Endowment • Continued Strong Support of the Partnership Fund • Increased Unrestricted Support to use for critical needs


Impact of Gifts to the Foundation

Partnership Fund: Covers costs of projects not included in the Casa’s budget, such as:

  • Bibles were given to graduates of seminary in Chiapas, Mexico

  • Reprint books

  • Donation of El sermon eficaz by James Crane to participants to a conference in Monterrey, Mexico

Endowment: Supports the ongoing work of the Publishing House, such as:

  • Pricing of the Economical Bible at $5.99 instead of $15.99

  • Donating books at seminars and conferences in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, and others

  • Donating books to all the Baptist seminaries in Central America

  • Sending USB flash-drives with PDFs of our classical theological books to the seminaries in Cuba

  • Providing low cost Bibles and New Testaments for ministries to migrants along the U.S. border

  • Providing children’s books to ministries in several countries

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