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  • Dr. Sam Shaw

A Living Illustration of Our Purpose

I’m not afraid of failure. I’m afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.

—William Carey

Last year my wife and I met an interesting young woman who was vacationing in our city. Ana was raised in Spain but works in London. She is a very successful sales person for a computer software company. When I asked her why she decided to take her vacation in our city, she said, “I’m searching for the purpose of life.”

Rarely have I found anyone more focused and clear about their need for something more in life. We spent several hours with Ana and found her a delightful person. She had many questions about God and the Bible, about suffering and evil, about Jesus and the other religions. Our conversation overflowed into lunch and into the afternoon.

We met with Ana several days later, and then continued our friendship by email when she returned to London. She asked if we knew of any books that might help her understand the Bible and the Christian faith. It was obvious that the Spirit of God was dealing with her heart, and we were able to share several resources with her.

Here was a very bright young woman—succeeding at what ultimately will not matter—and she knew it. Thank God we were able to point her to resources to help her grow in understanding and, hopefully, faith in Christ.

Ana is a living illustration of the reason I invest in the work of the Foundation of the Baptist Spanish Publishing House. The Foundation makes it possible for thousands of Anas to purchase and read materials which will help them understand the gospel, come to faith in Jesus and grow as his disciples.

That matters!

Donate to the work of the Foundation today!

—Dr. Sam Shaw

Member of the BSPH Foundation Board

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