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  • Raquel R. Contreras

Words from the General Director, BSPH

Publishing Bibles and Christian books in Spanish is not an easy task. We are constantly asking the Lord for guidance and wisdom to decide what needs to be published and how to publish it.

Baptist Spanish Publishing House has an editorial line that for more than 110 years has been unwavering and committed to God’s Word. Our passion is to publish resources that communicate the message of Jesus Christ and contribute to the formation of His disciples. This, perhaps, makes our work so much easier, but it also challenges us even more as we select the resources we need to publish.

When our resources reach the hands of those that need them, we believe we are fulfilling our mission. However, the chain that extends from the time we imagine a book until it reaches the hands of the person that will use it to learn more about the Lord is very long.

Once a year, all who participate in the Bible and Christian books ministry in Spanish meet to analyze what we are doing and share with one another what we are offering. This is done during a book fair called EXPOLIT.

During that time awards are given to the best books and top sellers. This year Baptist Spanish Publishing House /Editorial Mundo Hispano received three very important awards:

One of the most important links of this chain are the distributors and booksellers in each country.

Top seller under the category of family life: Escapemos del laberinto (Out of the Moral Maze) by Josh McDowell

Sales exceeding 100,000 units: Claves de interpretación bíblica (Biblical Hermeneutics) by Toms de la Fuente

Sales exceeding 250,000 units: Himnario bautista (Baptist Hymnal)

This award surprised us, for it has been said that hymns are in sharp decline, and they are no longer being sung in the churches. However, our Hymnal continues to be present in the churches and, more important, it’s being used.

Thank you for joining with us in this ministry of providing Christian materials in Spanish. Your help through your prayers as well as your financial support make it possible to reach many people with our resources. Your contribution to the BSPH Foundation allows us to lower our production costs, which results in lower prices and in blessing more people.

—Raquel R. Contreras

General Director

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