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  • Raquel R. Contreras

Beyond the Mirror

One of the greatest privileges I have as General Director of the BSPH is being able to interact with our writers. All of them give evidence of their Christian character and express in their writings what they believe and live.

One author responds to the urge to instruct, delight and transform people in order to help them in their faithful walk with


Another writer talks to his readers by conveying what he believes, and tries to help others with his ideas. In any case, someone who writes Christian books answers to a call from God to write, and in doing so educates those who read his books.

Yani de Gutiérrez represents this and much more. In the two books she has written and CBP has published, we perceive her desire to help her readers know God better and to know themselves better.

I recently had the wonderful privilege of presenting to her, in front of a group of Mexican Baptist women, her second book, Más allá del espejo (Beyond the Mirror). This was a very special occasion because the ceremony took place in Chihuahua City where she and her husband were pastors of a church for the first time. The candor and seriousness Yani expresses as she writes, and also when she presents her books, inspires her readers and listeners.

But that is not the only thing that makes her stand out. She is also a member of the BSPH Foundation Board and as such contributes her time and money to the ministry of our Publishing House .

We thank Yani for representing the spirit of love and dedication of a member of the Baptist Spanish Publishing House team.

—Raquel R. Contreras

General Director

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