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  • Dr. Sam Shaw

Lost and Found

I was driving through my neighborhood when I spotted two policemen standing over four men who were on their knees, with fingers laced behind their heads. I stopped to see if I could be of service.

The policemen told me they had been called because the men were wandering around and could not communicate with anyone in English. I offered to speak to the men in Spanish and the police eagerly agreed. We learned they had been robbed and taken from their homes. They had no identification, did not speak English, did not know where they were, and had not eaten in several days.

I was able to get them food and lodging for the night, as well as bus tickets back to their home. I also gave each of them a copy of God’s Word. Over the next 24 hours, two of the men, José and Ricardo, placed their trust in Christ. All four men gratefully carried their Bibles onto the bus when they left. I hope to see all of them in heaven.

Eternal destinies were changed because of a tragic occurrence, a gospel witness, the compassionate meeting of needs, and an economical copy of the Scriptures.

Thanks to your generous gifts to the Baptist Spanish Publishing House Foundation, many, many Josés and Ricardos will hear the gospel and then share it with others.

Will you join me and many others in making a sacrificial gift to the Baptist Spanish Publishing House Foundation? Together, we can see eternities changed through God’s Word.

– Dr. Sam Shaw

Member, BSPH Foundation

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