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Witness on the Wall

Francisco Nuñez, a well known Mexican evangelist, recently shared this experience with Raquel Contreras: After we saw each other in Monterrey and in Houston, I went to my home in Chihuahua. I have a tailor there by the name of Jesús Arturo Sandoval who has altered my clothes for many years. As on other occasions, I took some clothes for him to alter.

Arturo pointed to a calendar on the wall and asked, “Do you recognize this?” I replied that I did. He stated, “You gave it to me, remember?” Of course I remembered, since I had given it to him during my last visit. It was one of those I received from the Baptist Spanish Publishing House.

Arturo immediately surprised me with his affirmation: “This calendar changed my life. I was in bad shape, had problems in my marriage, with my family, with alcohol and even some difficulty with drugs (but not much, he clarified). I began to read Scripture verses in the calendar and God touched my life. Now, three months later, I have a different life. My marriage and my family relationships changed, I stopped drinking and began attending an evangelical church. One day the pastor extended an invitation to accept Christ, and now I have Jesus in my heart.”

Arturo continued, “All this because of a calendar! Now my family and I attend church together and read the Bible, but I need another Bible for my son and my wife.” I congratulated him, set aside talking about altering my clothing, and asked him to permit me to thank God for his decision. He began to cry, we hugged each other, and it was a very special moment for me.

Now I have a Bible for his wife and for his older son. The entire family is together at the feet of Jesus . . . .

All because of a calendar!

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