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There are books, and there are books

Not all that glitters is gold. There are books and there are books, publications and publications. The central character of the famous Spanish literary work, Don Quixote knew this, and among the many books of chivalry that circulated during his time, he chose just a few titles to keep in his private library. The rest were sentenced to the stake, to be fuel the flames. The famous Hidalgo, sane in his madness, knew how to discern between good and bad literature.

Daily, printing presses send out tons of paper in the form of books, newspapers, magazines and pamphlets which spark the question: what percentage is really worth it? The reality is that a very high percentage of all the paper that is currently published would have been better off remaining in its natural state, as part of a beautiful landscape of lush trees.

Today, millions and millions of dollars are spent to bring to light publications that darken rather than illuminate our world. With the proliferation of the printed word much garbage literature is spread. The dimension of the writing world is contaminated with ideas, values, beliefs and approaches that instead of satisfying mankind’s needs, leave a void and a desperate need for fresh water to quench their thirst.

Fortunately, there are people dedicated to the printed word, with an intense passion to tap into this valuable means of communication and to print life that will germinate, letter by letter, in the thirsty hearts of readers today.

That is the desire of the Baptist Spanish Publishing House (also known as Editorial Mundo Hispano). An institution dedicated to making a contrast in a world of darkness. Among machines, printing presses, paper cutters and a to and fro of pages, what takes place is much more than just publications. They are seeds of life, lighted lamps, compasses for the lost, lighthouses at night, fresh water for the thirsty; they are, in short, (as a song of my husband says) “pure air among the smog.”

This great effort is not a business of millions of dollars; it's about millions of hearts. Given such a great mission, the Baptist Spanish Publishing House Foundation passionately supports this ministry so that it may continue doing its work of publishing life and light effectively and successfully, because ... there are books and there are books.

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