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I Was On the Wrong Road

"When I read the Bible, I knew I was on the wrong road. I now know the right one is here in this book. Before, I had no idea what the Christian Gospel was all about. But my heart filled with joy as I read those beautiful words!”

For some people the Baptist Spanish Publishing House makes it possible to read from God’s Word for the first time and to learn about the Lord and His plan of salvation for their lives.

Another person impacted by this is Pastor Moisés Sánchez from Venezuela, who travelled 12 hours to an event presenting the new Hispanic World Study Bible published by the Baptist Spanish Publishing House. He had only enough money to pay for his way back home, and was faced with the decision to either purchase a Bible or go home empty handed. The generosity of other pastors, and contributions such as the ones given by supporters of the Foundation, made it possible for the Word of God to be placed in his hands. Pastor Sánchez tells us: “Since then I have put a special cover on my new Bible because I want to make sure this Bible lasts me for as long as I live. Thanks to the Publishing House for providing this Bible to our people in Venezuela.”

Countless stories can be told about what God’s Word is doing in the lives of Spanish speaking individuals around the world as a result of the ministry of the Baptist Spanish Publishing House. Again, this is exemplified by Moisés Sánchez who said, “I have been able to understand and preach better the Word of God.”

The Foundation invites you to join in this world-wide ministry by making a donation to help support the Baptist Spanish Publishing House. When you give, you might desire to make one or more of the following items become possible.

  • When you give $5.00 a Missionary Bible can change a life.

  • At the $10.00 level a women's inspirational book is put into someone’s hand.

  • A child can learn about God through a children's book with a $15.00 gift.

  • 2,000 evangelistic tracts can be given out for $45.00.

  • For a donation of $70.00 a leather bound Hispanic World Study Bible can be made available to a pastor or leader who needs it.

  • Vacation Bible School materials for a church with 30 children can be provided with a gift of $150.00.

  • A box of six hard-cover Hispanic World Study Bibles can be distributed for $330.00.

  • The leather bound Hispanic World Study Bible, in a box of six, is made possible for $420.00.

The Foundation ministry is made possible only by the support of people like you. Your gift will make a difference as seen in the life of Moisés Sánchez and so many others. And when you give, 100 percent of your donation goes directly to publishing materials to proclaim the Good News of Christ. There are no administrative costs. Please consider making a gift. Your support will transform lives for eternity.

You can contribute by calling the Baptist Spanish Publishing House Foundation at 915-566-9656, 274; or by clicking here.

– Jay P. Chance, Ed.D

Member, BSPH Foundation Board

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