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Contreras Shares Her Passion

The Baptist Spanish Publishing House / Hispanic World Publishers exists to serve the Lord. This is the principal reason why it was created. Our founders as well as all of us who have given our best to this ministry know we are here to serve the Lord. Our passion is that men and women come to know Jesus and be transformed in His disciples when they receive and study the printed materials we prepare.

Since our constant desire is to serve the Lord, the Baptist Spanish Publishing House / Hispanic World Publishers does it by offering Christian materials to all Spanish-speaking people. Yet, the reason we exist is not simply to produce printed material for all men, women and children who speak Spanish; rather, our only and unquestionable intention is to do it because we want to serve the Lord. For this reason, we are a ministry and not a business. This means we make sure the products we prepare can be easily available to the people who need them. We do this by carefully pricing them as low as we possibly can. Sometimes we even offer them below cost; on other occasions, we give them away. Another truth that encourages us is that our publications can many times reach places where missionaries, pastors or other brethren may not be able to enter. In short, we exist to serve God and others by publishing books. -Mrs. Raquel Contreras General Director, BSPH/HWP

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