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The Thrill of the Challenge

A challenge, no matter how exciting it may appear to be, is not in itself necessarily one that deserves our personal involvement. One challenge, however, has captured my heart and is worthy of our best efforts: the continued growth and outreach of the Baptist Spanish Publishing House (BSPH or Casa Bautista de Publicaciones). I believe in the ministry of the BSPH because I have personally seen many examples of what a difference the Gospel of Christ can make in the lives of those who have access to God’s Word and other resources in their own language.

My wife and I were privileged to serve for 27 years as missionaries in Latin America, and for four of those years I was General Director of the Baptist Spanish Publishing House. I deeply love, appreciate and admire not only the ministry itself, but also the men and women who have labored here through these 109 years of Casa history. For this reason, I continue to serve as a member of the board for the BSPH Foundation.

Early in the year 2000 while I was General Director, God gave me a strong conviction that we had to do something new and ambitious in order to meet the challenge of establishing a much stronger financial base for the long-range future of the Casa since all subsidies and missionary personnel help were in the process of being completely phased out. From that concern, we were able in a few months to obtain professional and legal non-profit status as the Baptist Spanish Publishing House Foundation for the sole benefit of the BSPH.

I see the Casa Bautista as a viable, worthwhile ministry with the challenging task of providing Spanish language Bibles and all kinds of biblically based quality products and resources for Spanish speaking people. This is our only reason for existing as a publishing house and also as a chari-table foundation.

This is our challenge: Countless millions of Spanish speaking people from literally every continent in the world depend upon us to help them come to know Jesus and follow His plan for their lives. We can do that by producing and distributing products so that even those with very limited financial resources can personally have what they need for understanding and responding to the Gospel. We cannot afford to let them down, and we will not do so! May God help all of us to do whatever is necessary at both at the personal and community levels to ensure the continuing and growing success of this ministry. We invite you to join us in the task. – Ted Stanton Member, BSPH Foundation Board

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