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BSPH Installs New General Director

The Baptist Spanish Publishing House welcomed and officially installed Ms. Raquel R. Contreras as General Director on February 25, 2014 in El Paso, Texas.

Ms. Contreras was born in Temuco, Chile. After graduating high school, she com-pleted studies at the Uni-versity of Concepción, Chile and received her law degree. She has also studied at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. She is the widow of Pastor Guillermo Catalán, who served as Rector of the Baptist Theo-logical Seminary of Chile. She and her husband are the parents of two children, Esteban and Paola.

Previous leadership experience in-cludes serving as Pastor in Temuco, Chile, President of the Baptist Con-vention of Chile, and President of the Latin-American Baptist Union. She is currently President of the Women’s Department of the Baptist World Alliance.

Ms. Contreras is the author of the book titled "Be a Woman" (SER Mu-jer), published by the BSPH in 1995. Since 2011, she has been director of the editorial division of the publish-ing house.

WELCOME, Raquel Contreras!

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