Bibles Go to Jail

During a presentation of the new Hispanic World Study Bible at First Baptist Church, El Paso, Texas, one lady responded with this comment: “I want to buy this Bible for brother Joe who works as chief of security for our church.” A little while later, Joe Hugarte came to the meeting and received that Bible as a gift. But the story he told really impressed me. Joe goes twice each week after work to the Social Readaptation Center (“Cereso”) in Juárez, Mexico to share the message of salvation with the inmates. Joe told me he had already taken one Hispanic World Study Bible to a person there, and now would take that one. He said, “This is the only library these people have.” In reality, the

Lost and Found

I was driving through my neighborhood when I spotted two policemen standing over four men who were on their knees, with fingers laced behind their heads. I stopped to see if I could be of service. The policemen told me they had been called because the men were wandering around and could not communicate with anyone in English. I offered to speak to the men in Spanish and the police eagerly agreed. We learned they had been robbed and taken from their homes. They had no identification, did not speak English, did not know where they were, and had not eaten in several days. I was able to get them food and lodging for the night, as well as bus tickets back to their home. I also gave each of them a

How Far Can You Reach This Year?

How far? Not in terms of feet and inches, but rather of continents and countries. Few people realize that the Baptist Spanish Publishing House reaches to the “ends of the earth” by publishing and shipping Spanish language Bibles, Gospel portions, teaching and discipleship materials, Christian music and devotional resources. How far? During 2014, BSPH materials were shipped to five continents and at least forty countries where Spanish speaking populations live and work. None of us know exactly how many people have real hope for the first time in their lives, how many trust Jesus and see their lives changed by the power of the Holy Spirit, how many families are rescued from tragic breakups

Raquel Contreras Receives Historical Memento

During the March meeting of the BSPH Foundation board, Dr. Burton Patterson presented Ms. Raquel Contreras a lapel pin recognizing her as General Director of the Baptist Spanish Publishing House. Dr. Burton Patterson, son of Dr. and Mrs. Frank Patterson, remarked how he had recently found the pin which had belonged to his late father in some of his father’s effects. Dr. Frank Patterson served as General Director of the BSPH from 1943 until his retirement in 1970 – 27 years of faithful, effective service as leader of this publications ministry. #god #passion #service #ministry #donate #life #purpose

Campaign against pornography: “Close the Door” (Cierra la Puerta)

We are at war: a relentless war against pornography. This movement among the Spanish-speaking community is designed to help men and women make and maintain a commitment to live a life free of pornography. Your support will help our efforts to win this fight. You may send a donation designated toward “Cierra la Puerta” or may purchase any of the following Spanish resources. #god #movement #pornographyfree #donate #cierralapuertaorg

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