Beloved Colleague Dr. Poe Now in God's Presence

Dr. Joe Thomas Poe, a veteran with 53 years of both active and post-retirement service in the Baptist Spanish Publishing House as a writer, editor, publisher and administrator passed from this life into the presence of the Lord on January 7, 2015. Dr. Poe and his wife, Eleanor, were missionaries in Chile for several years before being transferred to El Paso, Texas, where he distinguished himself in various roles including that of General Director from December 1992-December 1997. After retirement, Dr. Poe continued to work as a volunteer editor and valuable resource of multifaceted expertise and energetic accomplishments until just prior to his passing. He is survived by his wife of 63 years

110 Years Committed to the Word!

God always rewards the faithfulness of His children. When Dr. J. Edgar Davis installed a small printing press in his family’s kitchen in Toluca, Mexico in 1905, who would have ever dreamed such a venture would still be going strong after 110 years? The humble beginning of this ministry to Spanish speaking people through the publication and printing of Christian literature and Bibles is known as the Baptist Spanish Publishing House (Casa Bautista de Publicaciones) or Hispanic World Publishers (Editorial Mundo Hispano). We praise God for His faithfulness through these 110 years, and we urge you to join us in praying for and supporting this publications ministry so we can continue to grow and m

Witness on the Wall

Arturo pointed to a calendar on the wall and asked, “Do you recognize this?” I replied that I did. He stated, “You gave it to me, remember?” Of course I remembered, since I had given it to him during my last visit. It was one of those I received from the Baptist Spanish Publishing House. Arturo immediately surprised me with his affirmation: “This calendar changed my life. I was in bad shape, had problems in my marriage, with my family, with alcohol and even some difficulty with drugs (but not much, he clarified). I began to read Scripture verses in the calendar and God touched my life. Now, three months later, I have a different life. My marriage and my family relationships changed, I stoppe

There are books, and there are books

Not all that glitters is gold. There are books and there are books, publications and publications. The central character of the famous Spanish literary work, Don Quixote knew this, and among the many books of chivalry that circulated during his time, he chose just a few titles to keep in his private library. The rest were sentenced to the stake, to be fuel the flames. The famous Hidalgo, sane in his madness, knew how to discern between good and bad literature. Daily, printing presses send out tons of paper in the form of books, newspapers, magazines and pamphlets which spark the question: what percentage is really worth it? The reality is that a very high percentage of all the paper that is

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