I Was On the Wrong Road

"When I read the Bible, I knew I was on the wrong road. I now know the right one is here in this book. Before, I had no idea what the Christian Gospel was all about. But my heart filled with joy as I read those beautiful words!” For some people the Baptist Spanish Publishing House makes it possible to read from God’s Word for the first time and to learn about the Lord and His plan of salvation for their lives. Another person impacted by this is Pastor Moisés Sánchez from Venezuela, who travelled 12 hours to an event presenting the new Hispanic World Study Bible published by the Baptist Spanish Publishing House. He had only enough money to pay for his way back home, and was faced with the d

Do You Know a “Nelson?”

Ema came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior and from the very beginning of her Christian walk was strongly committed to her life in the church. Her great sadness was that her husband did not accompany her, and many times he made fun of her faith. At her church, Ema received a Scripture verse calendar published by the Baptist Spanish Publishing House (Editorial Mundo Hispano). She decided to hang it on the wall of their bedroom at home, and asked her husband to read the daily Scripture verses. “It will help you in life,” she assured him. A few days after having begun to do so, Ema’s husband noticed the verse for that day in Psalm 32:8. It read: “I will instruct you and show you the w

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