Contreras Shares Her Passion

The Baptist Spanish Publishing House / Hispanic World Publishers exists to serve the Lord. This is the principal reason why it was created. Our founders as well as all of us who have given our best to this ministry know we are here to serve the Lord. Our passion is that men and women come to know Jesus and be transformed in His disciples when they receive and study the printed materials we prepare. Since our constant desire is to serve the Lord, the Baptist Spanish Publishing House / Hispanic World Publishers does it by offering Christian materials to all Spanish-speaking people. Yet, the reason we exist is not simply to produce printed material for all men, women and children who speak Span

When One Becomes Two

Children learn at an early age how to add and multiply simple numbers, and most children are excited to notice how quickly things add up when they see for themselves how “little” can become “much” in no time at all. The process of doubling a treasure of two favorite candy bars to four brings a smile to the face of any child. Likewise, what adult would not be pleased to discover his bank account had sud-denly and unexpectedly doubled due to a deposit from an unknown benefactor? Candy bars and bank accounts, however, are not all that important or essential to our well-being. Material possessions are temporary, while spiritual treasures have eternal significance. Our Lord Jesus reminded His d

The Thrill of the Challenge

A challenge, no matter how exciting it may appear to be, is not in itself necessarily one that deserves our personal involvement. One challenge, however, has captured my heart and is worthy of our best efforts: the continued growth and outreach of the Baptist Spanish Publishing House (BSPH or Casa Bautista de Publicaciones). I believe in the ministry of the BSPH because I have personally seen many examples of what a difference the Gospel of Christ can make in the lives of those who have access to God’s Word and other resources in their own language. My wife and I were privileged to serve for 27 years as missionaries in Latin America, and for four of those years I was General Director of the

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